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What actions can Transaction Monitoring perform on my website?

Transaction Monitoring can perform two kinds of actions - Commands and Validations.

Commands are meant to perform a specific action on your website. The following actions are available:

  1. Click on the element - clicks on the specified element.
  2. Fill in field with text - fills an input or a textarea with desired text.
  3. Check checkbox - checks a specified checkbox.
  4. Uncheck checkbox - unchecks a specified checkbox
  5. Select radio button - marks a specified radio button as selected.
  6. Select dropdown menu - select a specific value on a dropdown menu.

Validations are used to verify that a website behaves as expected. The following validations are available:

  1. Check if URL is... - check if the current URL matches your provided value.
  2. Check if HTTP status is... - check if the current HTTP status matches your provided value.
  3. Check for existence of element - check if a specified element exists on the website.
  4. Check for text in content - checks if a specified text is available on the whole website.
  5. Check for text in element - check if a specified text is available on the specified element, such as div, input, textarea, etc.
  6. Check status of checkbox - check whether a specified checkbox is checked or unchecked.
  7. Check status of radio button - check whether a specified radio button is selected or unselected.
  8. Check status of dropdown menu - check whether a specified dropdown menu contains your specified value.