Website Transaction monitoring

Multiple-step monitoring for your website

Be the first one to know if something is broken

Multiple steps
Multiple step monitoring system for your important transactions. Our easy and intuitive application will guide you through the process.
Login forms
Logging in or signing up is crucial to your website. Monitor those website transactions and be sure your users are not frustrated.
E-commerce transactions
Broken and unnoticed check-out form means lots of lost revenue! Make sure that shopping cart, confirmation pages and other steps run smoothly.
Reports and alerts
Get daily, weekly or monthly reports containing information about each monitored transaction. Get immediate alerts if something is not working!

Not just simple uptime monitoring

  Multiple Step Monitoring
Instead of checking if the website is reachable over the internet, Transaction Monitoring checks if the whole transaction on your website is working. Define each step with our intuitive and easy to use interface.
  Endless Possible Options
Monitor anything you like - sign in/sign up forms, e-commerce website shopping carts and check-out forms, specific website features or whatever needs to be working 24x7.
Transaction monitoring

Built with reliability on our minds

  No False Alarms
We triple check your website from different geographic locations if we suspect something might be wrong. We alarm you only if all 3 secondary checks also show that there is something wrong.
  Redundant Infrastructure
Monitoring others means you have to be more reliable than your customers. For this reason Uptimia has no single point of failure. Uptimia is spread across 2 datacenters and can operate without interruptions even if one datacenter goes down.
Reliable website monitoring

Be always informed what is happening

  Routine Reporting
Get daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly reports regarding your monitored transactions. Use that information to prove your clients or your boss that the website you are taking care of is in good hands. Customize reports with your company colors and logo.
  Failure Analysis
Receiving an error alert is the first step. Our next step is helping you to identify what went wrong. You will receive detailed information on what went wrong and even screenshots for every step up until the failure.
Uptime and downtime reporting
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