Website Transaction Monitoring

Monitor the health of your web transactions with our Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Tool. Receive immediate alerts in the event of any disruptions to your web application.

How does web transaction monitoring work?

Getting started is quick and easy—it only takes a few minutes.

Sign Up

Simply provide your name, email, and password. No additional information is required.

Start Monitoring

Use our user-friendly tool to create a web transaction and specify the steps for our synthetic monitor to follow.

Get notified

Uptimia will promptly alert you via email, SMS, Slack, or other integrations in the event of downtime.

Much More Than Just An Uptime Monitoring Tool

Multiple Step Monitoring

Our tool goes beyond the basics of checking website reachability. Transaction Monitoring assesses the functionality of your entire application, scrutinizing critical elements like login forms. Utilize our intuitive interface to simulate each step effortlessly. Our synthetic monitoring tool acts as a real user, ensuring your website delivers the intended user experience.

Endless Options

Monitor a variety of web transactions - from sign-in/sign-up forms to e-commerce shopping carts and checkout processes. Our tool accommodates the monitoring of specific website features or any functionality crucial for seamless operation. Configure transactions with up to 20 steps for comprehensive application monitoring.

Reliable Synthetic Monitoring for Your Web Application

Website Monitoring Without False Alerts

We prioritize accuracy in detecting outages. To confirm an issue, we meticulously check your transaction three times from multiple monitoring locations. Only when all three secondary checks confirm a web transaction failure will you receive a notification. This ensures that your team is alerted only when immediate investigation is necessary.

Hosted on Multiple Servers

We host our service across multiple data centers. Even if one goes down, our service persists, allowing us to monitor your websites without interruption. With 171 probes strategically positioned worldwide, our service is designed to be highly resilient, making downtime nearly impossible.

Set Up Transaction Journey In Minutes

In just a few minutes, our transaction builder tool empowers you to configure user interactions seamlessly. Begin by entering the website URL, and from there, define the steps our tool should take to complete the journey. Utilize CSS selectors to effortlessly guide our real browser through each step. Our transaction recorder is designed to be user-friendly, catering to individuals with basic CSS skills.

Receive alerts to your favourite tools

It is very easy to start. Integrate Uptimia with Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Pagerduty or many other tools you like.

Stay Informed on Web Performance

Routine Reporting

Receive regular reports on your monitored websites, featuring metrics like page load time, response time for each step, incident counts, and troubleshooting details. Customize these reports with your company colors and logo for a personalized touch.

Failure Analysis

Beyond just notifying you of errors, our service goes a step further by assisting in pinpointing the issue. Detailed information, including screenshots for each step leading up to the failure, is provided to help you identify and address the problem efficiently.

And there is so much more

Benefit from many more of our monitoring capabilities

No installation required

Just give us your website URL and we will do the rest. It will not take longer than 30 seconds to start going.

No false alerts

Optimized to minimize false alarms, Uptimia meticulously verifies problems from multiple locations before notifying you, ensuring accuracy.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate Uptimia with your system using our API, enhancing the synergy with your existing tools and processes.

Real web browser

Uptimia uses a genuine Google Chrome browser for monitoring your application, ensuring a realistic assessment of user experience.

Error screenshots

Uptimia goes beyond alerts by capturing screenshots for each step, providing a comprehensive view of the end-user experience during an issue.

What do our customers say about us?

Discovering Uptimia through customer feedback

For a stress-free online presence, Uptimia is the way to go. The straightforward setup, instant alerts to Discord, and detailed analytics make it an essential part of my toolkit.

This transaction monitoring solution is a game-changer! No installations needed, and the error screenshots sent to my email makes problem solving very easy.

I love how easy this monitoring tool is to use. No installations, instant alerts to Slack, and checks at multiple locations – it's a stress-free solution.

You can set intervals as often as 10 minutes and monitor the availability any of multi-step application or website. Just amazing!

This tool can monitor our sign in forms like a real-user. We can receive an alert to PagerDuty if something breaks. Saves us lots of stress.

I had a problem with JavaScript and it broke my website. Uptimia could identify the issue quickly and send a WhatsApp notification.

This tool can monitor the digital experience as if it was an end user. One of our websites had performance issues and Uptimia helped to solve it.

I love the transaction monitoring tool, but Uptimia is much more than that. We also use it for availability and performance monitoring, as well as SSL certificate expiration monitoring.

I've tried a few monitoring services, but Uptimia stands out. The simplicity, coupled with comprehensive monitoring, makes it my go-to for keeping my website running smoothly.

Uptimia is a must-have for website owners. The error screenshots and instant alerts to Slack have saved me from potential disasters, and its user-friendly interface is a plus!

Uptimia has simplified website monitoring for me. The almost 200 monitoring locations provide a global perspective, and the error screenshots have proven handy in troubleshooting