Domain Expiration Monitoring

Monitor domain expiration dates and receive timely alerts before a domain expires. Setup domain monitoring now with our Domain Expiration Monitoring tool.

How does our Domain Monitor Tool work?

Never miss a domain name expiration date

1. Set up monitoring

Create an Uptimia account and enter your domain name.

2. We monitor your domain

We fetch the whois info of your domain from a registrar.

3. Get alerted

We will notify you by e-mail or SMS in case your domain expiry date is coming.

Get alerted when your domain is about to expire

Renew your domain before it expires

Monitoring the uptime of your website is not enough. What if your domain's expiry date is approaching, and you're not aware that you need to renew it? Upcoming domain renewal management has never been so easy! Simply enter your domains on the Uptimia dashboard, and we will check their status for you. Get notified 30 days before the expiration via email, SMS, Slack, or many other tools. Do not let someone else register your domain name when you forget to extend it.

Combine domain monitoring with our other tools

In addition to monitoring dates of domain expiration, you can utilize our full monitoring service and also monitor the uptime, SSL certificates, website loading speed and more. Our watchful eye will alert you in case of any downtime. Manually tracking your website health, TLDs and availability is a waste of time.

Integrate your favorite tools with Uptimia effortlessly

Configuring integrations such as Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Webhooks, and many more is quick and easy.

Get a full overview of your domains in one place

Receive daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly reports

Our scheduled reports tool will keep you informed about registrar expiry dates. Organize your domains into reports and track them conveniently in one location. Customize the reports with your company branding to match your company's style.

And there is more

Start monitoring now and make the most of our monitoring suite.

No False Alarms

Uptimia will lookup your domain info from different servers to make sure it's accurate about how many days are left until your domain expires.

API Integration

Connect Uptimia with your own service to set things up automatically.

No installation required

No need to install any code or software. Just enter the URLs and no more manual domain expiration checks will be needed. 

What do our customers say about us?

Discovering Uptimia through customer feedback

For website owners serious about performance, Uptimia is the go-to solution. The detailed analytics and instant alerts keep my site ahead of the curve.

Uptimia is my go-to for domain expiry reminders. It's simple, easy, and ensures I never miss a deadline.

Uptimia provides reliable expiry alerts – a crucial tool for any website owner. It keeps me on top of renewals without hassle.

Managing domain expirations is stress-free with Uptimia. It's a no-nonsense service that delivers timely reminders without any complications.

Uptimia website monitoring is a game-changer! It's the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, ensuring my site's performance is always at its peak.

Uptimia's domain renewal alerts are a lifesaver. They give me the heads up I need to renew, preventing any unintentional lapses in my domains.

Thanks to Uptimia, I can sleep well knowing my website is in good hands. The proactive monitoring and timely notifications make it a must-have service.

Effortless domain monitoring with Uptimia! It's a straightforward service that keeps me informed and proactive about renewing my domains.

Uptimia is the backbone of my online business – its website monitoring is reliable, efficient, and has become an integral part of my daily operations.

Effortless setup and powerful results – Uptimia's website monitoring is a gem. It's the peace of mind every website owner deserves.

I rely on Uptimia to keep my online presence in check. The real-time monitoring and customizable alerts make it an essential tool for any website owner.