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Earn a 30% lifetime commission by promoting one of the market's top website monitoring tools.

30% lifetime commission 180 days cookie High conversion rates
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Lifetime earnings
Lifetime commission
We will pay you a commission throughout the entire time that a customer you referred uses our services.
Amazing conversion rates
Amazing conversion rates
About 25% of qualified trial users become paying customers.
Long cookie duration
Long cookie duration
With our referral program, our cookies remain active for an impressive 180 days.

How does our referral program work?

A very brief explanation

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Simply follow the link on this page to access your personal affiliate cabinet, complete with all the resources you need to thrive.



Spread the word about Uptimia and get rewarded! Earn commission for every purchase made through your affiliate link.



Earn lifetime rewards! Refer others to our services and receive a continuous commission as long as they continue using our tools.


Get 30% commission on all payments as an affiliate.

Use this calculator to uncover your potential commission. It calculates how much you can earn by referring paying customers to us. Our average customer lifetime is around 5 years.

Calculating your potential commission

  • Price $56 / month
  • Commission $420 / month
25 subscriptions

What Uptimia offers?

Introducing our all-in-one website monitoring tool that keeps your website under watch 24/7. Get alerted before your customers find that your website is broken.


Website Uptime Monitoring

Monitor the uptime of HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, UDP, TCP, email and more. Checks are performed as often as every 30 seconds, across 171 checkpoints!


Website Speed Monitoring

Monitor full website performance by loading it with a real Chrome browser. Receive reports on loading speeds, or get alerts if something goes wrong.


Real User Monitoring

Monitor the speed of user experience for visitors to your website. Receive detailed reports on loading speeds, categorized by country, browser, OS, and more.


Transaction Monitoring

Monitor web transactions (login forms, check-out forms, etc.) and receive notifications if something goes wrong. Pinpoint the precise location of any issues.


SSL Certificate Monitoring

Monitor the health of your SSL certificate. Get alerted when it is about to expire or got compromised.


Virus Monitoring

Get alerted if your website is infected with malware, viruses or phishing. We use Google Web Risk technology to verify if your website is safe for browsing.


Domain Expiry Monitoring

Monitor domain name expirations and receive alerts via email, SMS, Slack, or other preferred tools when they are about to expire.


Public Status Page

Showcases the current status and health of your website's services. It offers transparency by providing real-time updates to users and stakeholders.

Program description & details

Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available in our directory, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.


Cookie lifetime

180 days






No PPC on brand keywords


Commission terms

30% commission on revenue generated through new users


Refund policy

No refunds

Program agreement

Frequently asked questions

How does Uptimia's affiliate program work?
By participating in Uptimia's affiliate program, individuals have the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting Uptimia's services using their exclusive affiliate link. Upon joining the program and accessing their personal affiliate cabinet, affiliates gain access to valuable resources to effectively promote Uptimia to their audience.

Here's how it works: when someone clicks on an affiliate's unique link and completes a purchase on Uptimia's website, the affiliate earns a commission for that specific transaction. This commission is a one-time reward for the referred purchase.

But the benefits don't stop there. Affiliates also have the chance to earn lifetime commissions. When they refer others to Uptimia's services, and those individuals make purchases through the affiliate link, the original affiliate will continuously receive commissions for as long as the referred users keep using Uptimia's services.

In essence, Uptimia's affiliate program incentivizes individuals to promote the company's services actively and encourages ongoing referrals by offering enticing lifetime commissions. Start earning with Uptimia today by joining their rewarding affiliate program!
Where can I find the affiliate dashboard?
Upon signing up for Uptimia's Affiliate Program, you'll receive an email invitation to join the affiliate tracking platform, FirstPromoter. This grants you access to the resources essential for your success in the program.
What is the commission rate?
We offer an amazing 30% lifetime commission rate, meaning you'll continue to receive payments as long as the customer you referred is paying us. With an average customer lifetime of around 5 years, you can anticipate receiving payments for approximately 5 years after referring a paying customer.
What is cookie expiration time?
Cookies remain active for 180 days, meaning that even if a customer you referred signs up 179 days after clicking your link, they will still be counted as your referral.
When do I get paid?
You will receive payment every month on or before the 10th day of the month for the commission you generated in the previous month. If the customer spent $1000, you will be paid $300, minus the service fees. Please note that there is a minimum payout of $100.
How can I get paid?
You can get paid to your PayPal account.
What is the minimum payout amount?
To be eligible for a payout, you need to generate a minimum amount of $100.
What are the restrictions?
To maintain fairness in our Affiliate Program, certain activities are restricted, including:

1. Coupon sites.
2. Self-referrals, which involves creating another account while referring yourself.
3. Using any Uptimia brand, logo, or tool names (even misspelled versions) in PPC advertising, domains, subdomains, or social media profiles.
4. Utilizing discount coupons not assigned to you.
5. Using misleading or incorrect information, such as non-existent discounts.
How can I track conversions?
In your personal dashboard, you can monitor clicks, conversions, payouts, and other essential data to help you strategize and accomplish your goals.
What is your conversion rate?
Around 25% of people who sign up for a free trial with their work e-mail (meaning, no Gmail or other free e-mail providers) become paying customers.