Public Status Page - Hosted Status Page & Incident Management

Build customer trust with Uptimia Hosted Status Page tool. Be transparent about your website downtime and keep your customers in the loop.

How Does Public Status Page Work?

Simplifying Incident Management

1. Set up website monitoring

Use Uptimia to monitor your websites.

2. Create a status page

Easily configure your status page.

3. Inform Your Customers

Use your status page to clearly display your website's status.

Build trust with powerful status pages

Keep your users up-to-date about outages with our elegant status pages

Downtime is bound to happen, and your customers will notice it. Prevent harm to your reputation by being open about any service interruptions.  Keep your customers informed and earn their trust by displaying the uptime information of your website services.

Incident communication with real-time updates

Be transparent about every incident affecting your service. Display the current status of any outage and keep users informed on the measures you're taking to fix it. Inform your customers about planned maintenances that may impact your service's availability.

Organise and customise your status page

Create a public status page that matches your brand

Use our drag-and-drop builder tool to organize your services into groups and arrange their display order. Add your company logo to match your branding. Use your own custom domain to make the page look as though it is part of your own website.

Website monitoring and incident communication tool combined

Start website monitoring now and benefit from our public status page tool

SLA status

Display the SLAs and historical uptime of your services on your status dashboard.

API integration

Access the tool not only from our dashboard but also through an API.

Email notifications

Receive email notifications when any of your services go down.

What do our customers say about us?

Discovering Uptimia through customer feedback

This status page tool is great. It's easy to use and keeps our customers updated. Really helps with keeping everyone informed.

Love this tool! It makes sharing updates with our customers simple and quick. A must-have for any business.

Very helpful for our team. It keeps track of our website issues and tells our customers what's going on. Super easy incident management process.

The status page tool is a big help. It lets our customers know when we're fixing things. Posting incident and maintenance updates is so easy.

Great for small businesses (just two team members). Affordable and does what expensive ones do. Makes our website look professional and keeps customers happy.

I recently started using this status page tool and it's surprisingly straightforward. It's a breeze to keep our customers informed about any site issues. Plus, the clear interface makes managing updates easy. A great asset for maintaining transparency.

As someone not very tech-savvy, I found this tool to be incredibly user-friendly. It has made updating our customers about our website's status so much simpler. The automatic notifications are a fantastic feature, saving us a lot of time and hassle.

This tool has been a game-changer for our customer communication. It's simple to use, yet provides all the necessary features to keep our users well-informed about any service disruptions.

Monitoring hundreds of URLs and showing their health is so easy with this tool! Highly recommended!

The simplicity and effectiveness of this tool have exceeded my expectations. It's not only easy to use but also provides clear updates to our customers. This has greatly improved our ability to manage and communicate any website issues.

A fantastic tool for any business that values customer communication. It's straightforward, efficient, and provides all the necessary features to keep customers informed. The setup was quick, and the ongoing management is hassle-free. Highly recommend it.