SSL Certificate Monitoring

Monitor SSL certificates for your websites and receive alerts before expiration. SSL monitoring made easy with notifications for expiry and technical issues.

How does SSL Certificate Monitoring work?

A quick explanation of our SSL Certificate Monitoring Tool

1. Set up monitoring

Create an Uptimia account and enter your website URL.

2. We monitor your SSL certificate

We check your website for SSL certificate expiration and any other technical issues as often as every 10 minutes.

3. Get alerted

Receive real-time alerts via email or SMS if we detect any issues with your SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate Monitoring Tool for Your Peace of Mind

Renew your SSL certificate before it expires

Remembering to renew your SSL certificate can be a hassle. You don't need to worry about it with Uptimia. We continuously monitor your website and notify you before your certificate expires. This ensures you can feel confident there will be no website downtime and no frustrated customers notifying you about your expired SSL certificate.

Ensure your certificate has no technical problems

Unnoticed SSL certificate expiry is not the only issue you may face. Monitoring SSL also involves detecting any certificate errors as soon as they arise. Uptimia uses a real Google Chrome browser to fully load your website and determine if your certificate is compromised. A compromised certificate could indicate a breach into your web server.

Get notified straight to your favorite tools

Integrate Uptimia with Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams or many other tools you love.

Easily Keep Track of Your SSL Expiration Dates

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting

Tracking many SSL certificates can be challenging. Utilize our Scheduled Reports tool to receive regular reports about your monitored certificates. Integrate certificate expiration monitoring seamlessly into your overall website monitoring reports. Customize them with your company colors and logo for a personalized touch.

And there is so much more

Start monitoring now and gain much more than just a certificate expiry monitor!

No False Alarms

Optimized to minimize false alarms, Uptimia meticulously verifies problems from multiple locations before notifying you, ensuring accuracy.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate Uptimia with your system using our API, enhancing the synergy with your existing tools and processes.

No installation required

Just give us your website URL and we will do the rest. It will not take longer than 30 seconds to start going.

What do our customers say about us?

Discovering Uptimia through customer feedback

Uptimia is a must if you don't want to manually check if your site is up. It's easy to use, sends messages about any issues, and makes sure your site is doing well.

Uptimia's SSL monitor is a crucial guardian for my website. It tracks the SSL certificate's health and notifies me in advance if any of my SSL certificates expire soon. A must-have tool for all website owners!

Uptimia simplifies SSL certificate management. The monitoring tool diligently checks SSL health and provides timely alerts about SSL certificate expiration, adding an extra layer of protection to my website.

We monitor SSL certificate expiry with Uptimia and could not be happier. Received expiration alerts if a certificate will expire in 7 days. Works very well!

Uptimia's SSL Certificate monitoring is an essential component of my website security strategy. It ensures continuous surveillance of SSL health and promptly alerts me about expiration, contributing to a proactive security approach.

Uptimia helps me know what's going on with my website. It shows me if there are any problems, so I can fix them and keep my site working well.

Monitoring SSL certificate expiration is crucial for anyone with a website. We receive Slack notifications if there are any problems. Also, their other services such as uptime monitoring are amazing.

So easy to us! You can choose the number of days before the expiration and get alerted when it is time to renew your SSL certificate. Tools like these is a must-have.

Uptimia is the silent online hero. The error screenshots and instant notifications to Slack have saved me from potential disasters, making it an invaluable tool.

Uptimia is a reliable watchdog for my website. So many monitoring features in just one tool. I monitor multiple SSL certs and know they are always up to date.

Keeping an eye on my website is easy with Uptimia. It sends me quick messages if there are SSL issues, making sure everything stays on track.