Website Availability Test

Is a website down for everyone or is it just me? Check site availability and find out!

Check if a site is down at the moment

Your website might not load for you, but there is always a chance it is because of your internet service provider, browser or other local problems. Also, your website might be unavailable only in the region you live in. Use our website availability tool to get detailed information about the health of your website from around 30 checkpoints on 6 continents.

How does this tool work?

We send a command to load your website to around 30 website monitoring probes and wait for an answer. As soon as we get an answer, we display the response times on the map to get a clear view of your site responsiveness around the globe. Also, we provide more detailed information in a table below. Just enter your website URL and we will check it's availability immediately.

Latest tested websites

Site URL When Status 1 hour ago Up 1 hour ago Up 4 hours ago Up 9 hours ago Up 9 hours ago Up 9 hours ago Up 10 hours ago Up 11 hours ago Up 11 hours ago Up 12 hours ago Up

How to use website availability tool?

World map

Use world map section to see how does your website perform on 6 continents.


Waterfall will show how does exactly your page load. Every element will be displayed chronologically.


Check your website performance improved or decreased with time. Take action to fix slow parts of your site if it takes longer to load it than it used to.


This section will provide you with data regarding time spent per content time, domain, number of requests, etc.