Website uptime monitoring

Be notified immediately when your website is down

Easy and reliable uptime monitoring for your website

Instant Notifications
Don’t let your customers be the first to notice your website is down. Make sure you are the first by receiving our instant SMS message or e-mail.
Variety of Options
Monitor many different services - HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, Ping, TCP, UDP, POP3 and more!
Instant Diagnosis
Knowing that your site is down is not enough. We will also tell you what kind of error your website is experiencing.
No False Alerts
We will triple check your site from other regions before alerting you if we suspect there is something wrong.

Website Uptime Monitoring 24x7

  Your Website Under Watch
An average website crashes at least once every month. Manually checking if your website is online is time consuming, inconvenient and unnecessary. That is why our global network of probes will do that work for you. Monitoring your website uptime will keep you assured that you will be the first to know if your website is down.
  171 Worldwide Locations
Our monitoring network is scattered across 6 continents. Wide range of monitoring servers means that you will know if your website is working fine across many different countries. Also, it provides more reliability, because sometimes your website might be unreachable only in certain geographic areas.
Website uptime monitoring

Engineered for reliability

  No False Alarms
We triple check your website from different geographic locations if we suspect something might be wrong. We alarm you only if all 3 secondary checks also show that there is something wrong.
  Redundant Infrastructure
Monitoring others means you have to be more reliable than your customers. For this reason Uptimia has no point of failure. Uptimia is spread across 2 datacenters and can operate without interruptions even if one datacenter goes down.
No false alarms

Know the health of your website

  Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting
Get routine reports regarding your monitored websites. Use that information to prove your clients or your boss that the website you are taking care of is in good hands. Customize reports with your company colors and logo.
  Root-cause Analysis
Knowing that your website is down is just the first step. The next thing is to find out what went wrong. We will also provide this information!
Uptime and downtime reporting
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