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Create a new monitoring check

You can create a new monitoring check by clicking on the "CREATE NEW MONITOR" button on the Dashboard or on the left-hand side menu in the "Monitoring" section.

The first step to create a monitor is to choose a type. We have multiple different types of monitoring, such as Uptime Monitoring, SSL Monitoring and Speed Monitoring. Different kinds of monitoring fulfill different needs.

The second step is to enter the basic information, such as the name and the URL of your website.

It is also possible to add a bulk list of websites by clicking on the "ADD BULK" button. Please note that you have to follow the format carefully.

The last step is to choose how often do you want your website to be checked and who will receive the alerts when something goes wrong.

Advanced options are also available. You can activate them by clicking on the "Advanced" tab.

You can assign your monitors into groups. It will be easier to filter them in the dashboard if you have hundreds of monitoring checks.

Locations tab allows you to choose between more than 170 different probes. Each probe is on a different geographic location. It is useful to choose locations if your website is available only in a specific region.