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How to use the Dashboard

The dashboard contains all the basic information about your websites you monitor. It is updated live and will reflect any changes in the status of any websites you monitor without you refreshing a page.

The picture below shows a sample dashboard with the "Box view" on.

Clicking on "Active incidents" will only show the monitoring checks who are having an incident.

Additional filters are available by clicking on "Filter".

"Table view" has been activated.

It is possible to perform basic actions, such as deleting or editing a monitoring check, straight from the dashboard.

Bulk actions are also possible.

"Graph view" has been activated.

Clicking on the date on the header of the dashboard will open the calendar. You can filter all of your information by date there.

Clicking on your name at the top right-hand side will open the side menu, which contains information about your account status.

Clicking on the bell icon will open the notifications box.