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How to create a Real User Monitoring check?

To create a new Real User Monitoring check, go to "Monitoring" (left-hand-side menu), then choose "Real User Monitoring" and click on "Add New Monitor".

There you will be redirected to a page for creating new monitoring checks. Select "Real User Monitoring" as the type.

The next step is to enter your website name and URL.

There are many alerting options you can choose from:

  1. Outage alerting - get alerted in case we stop receiving data for a specified amount of time.
  2. Performance alerting - get alerted if an average website loading time exceeds a specified value during a specified amount of time.
  3. Drop in traffic alerting - get alerted if your traffic suddenly drops.
  4. JavaScript errors alerting - get alerted if we suddenly receive many JavaScript errors.

The next step is to select visitor satisfactoriness values and who will receive the alerts in case something bad happens.

The last step is to add our code snippet to your website, so we can start gathering data. Please put the code between the <head></head> values.