Receive Telegram Notifications When Your Website Goes Down

Receive downtime alerts to Telegram - easy way to get Telegram notifications when your site goes down

How do website monitoring alerts in Telegram work?

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Get Notified Directly to Your Telegram Channel

Uptimia Telegram App will immediately alert you and your team in case there are problems.

Website Monitoring That Sends Notifications To Your Telegram Channel

Your Website Under Watch

On average, a website experiences at least one crash per month. Manually checking your website availability is time-consuming and unnecessary. That's why our synthetic monitoring platform does the work for you. Monitoring your website's uptime ensures you'll be the first to know if it goes down. Monitor HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, UDP, TCP, email, and more. Receive downtime alerts for HTTP, Timeout, SSL Certificate, and various other errors. Don't leave your website performance to chance.

171 Locations Worldwide

Our monitoring network spans six continents, providing a broad view of your website's performance. With servers in various locations, you'll know if your website is functioning well across different countries. This setup improves reliability, as your site may be unreachable in certain geographic regions.

Engineered for Reliability

Monitoring from Multiple Locations

We ensure the reliability of your website by conducting triple checks from different geographic locations when suspicion arises. You receive an alert only if all three secondary checks indicate a problem.

Redundant Infrastructure

To monitor others effectively, you must be more reliable than your customers. Uptimia eliminates single points of failure by operating across two datacenters. Even if one datacenter experiences downtime, Uptimia continues uninterrupted.

Very Easy To Receive Website Downtime Alerts

Simply enter your website URL, and we'll take care of the rest. No installation is required on your end. Our website uptime and availability monitoring tool will begin checking your website as frequently as every 30 seconds.

Setting up Telegram alerts is also very easy. Just follow our very short instructions and Uptimia will send you a message to your channel on Telegram if your website breaks.

Integrate your favorite tools with Uptimia easily

Receive alerts to your favorite tools such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack and many more.

Know If Your Site Has Problems

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Reports

Receive regular reports on the status of your monitored websites. Use this information to demonstrate to your clients or superiors that the sites under your care are in capable hands. Customize reports with your company's colors and logo.

Root-Cause Analysis

Identifying that your website is down is just the first step. The next crucial task is determining what went wrong. We provide you with detailed information, including an error screenshot, error type, response time, response body, response headers, traceroute, and more.

And there is so much more

Benefit from many more of our monitoring capabilities

Keyword monitoring

Receive notifications if a specific keyword is present or missing on your website.

Port monitoring

Monitor if your service responds to a specific port.

No False Alarms

Uptimia is optimized to avoid false alarms. Thorough scans are conducted to ensure the accuracy of notifications.

Error screenshots

Uptimia captures a screenshot of your website in case of an error.

API Integration

Effortlessly integrate Uptimia with your own system using our API.