How Do You Know When Your Site Is Down?

How Do You Know When Your Site Is Down?

Posted on December 06, 2017

Is it just for me, or for everyone else too? Sometimes you might be wondering if everyone cannot load your website, or is it just you. Here are some easy steps to find out if your site is unavailable for everyone.

The first step is to clear your cache and be sure that you see the most up-to-date version of your website. You can do it by opening your browser history and selecting "Clear Recent History" (or something similar, it depends on your browser). The next step is to delete your cookies.

After clearing things up at your browser, you can try to go to your website and refresh the page. If it fails again, you should try to access a few major websites, like Facebook or Google to be sure your internet connection is alive. You can also try to use your smartphone to verify your site does not load for multiple devices too.

If all of those steps fail, you have a problem - your website has gone down.

The next step - do not panic. Even multi-billion dollar companies like Amazon experience downtime. By avoiding panic, you can quickly start looking for a solution. There can be many possible causes, which range from programming errors, hardware malfunctions to network problems.

The easiest way to determine the cause of your downtime is by using professional website monitoring services such as We check websites as often as 30 seconds and immediately alert our customers when their sites go down. We also perform a "root-cause analysis" to help our customers to quickly determine what the most likely cause of their issue is, so they can take instant action and resolve their problems.